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Keynote Speaker

Allow Tasha To Inspire your audience to transform and live their best quality of life!


Wellness Enthusiast

Allow Tasha to engage your audience in the topic of Wellness through sharing humor, data, dynamic storytelling and relevant tools to utilize for implementation. 

Photo Moment: Keynote Speaker For Community Health Worker Collaborative of South Dakota, 2023

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Tasha strives to inspire audiences to live their best quality of life through her didactic and  strategic execution of practical strategies and researched based tools to jump start your wellness journey. 



Connecting with the audience is a key element of Tasha's speaking priority. Whether it's a game, dancing or trivia these purposeful  activities will allow participants to engage with others and bring the topic full circle.


Tasha enjoys brining energy to audiences of conferences, summits and conventions as your event emcee, host or moderator! Her goal is to keep the guest energized and engaged allowing everyone to enjoy the experience in person or virtual.


Signature Keynote Talks


Selfcare For
Healthcare Workers 

This talk focuses on the wellbeing of the healthcare worker. Post pandemic burnout has increased and the focus of this talk is to shift the mindset and help individuals redefine what selfcare looks like for them by incorporating research based self care principles to implement into their lifestyle. 


The Power of

Building Community

Working the past 15 years in public health community sector I've learned a thing or two in navigating community relationships. This talk focuses on 4 key principles I've learned to help build powerful, trusting relationships with community stakeholders as we built programs and community together. These efforts led to an increase in impact and healthcare access for many, all through building strong community relationships.


The Dimensions
Of Wellness

Have you ever thought about how all of the dimensions of wellness play a part in your daily lifestyle? This talk we dive into audience engagement and some storytelling of how assessing all dimensions of our wellness is essential to not only our wellbeing, but those around us. Get ready to be challenged and replenished as we dive into the 8 dimension of wellness backed by data, engagement and some movement.

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