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Meeting a Legend, Mr. Overton

One of my favorite things to do is meet new people and chat with them randomly. I believe we as humans are more alike than different. Conversation with someone that is different than you will many times leave you walking away with an increase in knowledge if you allow yourself to be open. This is exactly what happened when I first heard about Mr. Richard Overton. About a year ago I heard about his story via the internet, then I saw the documentary online and from there Mr. Overton became a bucket list goal of mine. This gentleman is 111 years old, I've never even held a conversation with anyone 100 so to actually converse with Mr. Overton at such an age was mind blowing to me.

After searching for him and how to get in contact with Mr. Overton, the stars aligned and the day came for us to meet. It was such a pleasure!! Mr. Overton was such a friendly, lively man and held great conversation. I had my 9 month old son with me and my husband to soak it all in. Mr. Overton's service to our country is remarkable and honorable. Such a delight and wonderful time that I had speaking with him.

This is what community is all about. When I drove up to his home I could tell the love that was on his street the way his community looks after him and shows that they care. About a year ago, he was almost going to have to move out of his home, but the community gathered money and fundraised for him to stay in his home and have a health care giver around the clock. This is community and that's why I love connecting the dots, telling others stories and being an advocate to teach, inspire and motivate others because with everyone's help we can do so much more.


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