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Happy Holidays from CHWTASHA!

Hello Everyone!

The holidays are here! I love the holidays, time with family and friends, good food, time off of work, décor, fashion and the beauty of the children when they are excited. Personally, I have so many things to be grateful for this year, it has been amazing.

I am reminded that each day I serve as a CHW how incredible the power of KINDNESS can affect someone. Being a CHW, takes patience, time, resources, energy and kindness. It is a role that many may not want to do. However the ones called to hang on their with patients to help treat, educate and empower them to the next level see the benefits of what it's all about.

I encourage you, be kind this holiday season. We never know who will need us and who we will need most of all being KIND I believe just makes you feel better. :) Love to ALL!

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